Blinds Repair

We provide blinds repairs for most of the brand name manufacturers such as: Hunter Douglas, Graber, Mariak, Century blinds, Skandia, and Somfy controls. Our most common repairs are: restringing, replacing the mechanism, replacing cord-lock, and re-laddering. Royal Window Coverings partnered with Hunter Douglas as a local San Diego repair center.

Re-stringing/ Re-cording

Re-cording a blind is the most common blind repair we receive here at our facility. Indications that your window treatment needs to be re-corded include: a cord is broken on the window treatment or only one side of the blind/ shade will go up. Two corded shades are most prevalent. However, larger window treatments have up to 5 cords.

Replacing The Mechanism

Another common window treatment repair is replacing the mechanism. Indications that your shade needs a mechanism replaced are: the blind does not go up or down, the shade is stuck in the down position, and the shade’s controls are “stuck” and “will not move”. A window treatment mechanism is a complex system. It requires an expert to figure out which window treatment parts need to be replaced and address the problem correctly.

Blind Part Replacements

On occasion, replacement parts are needed to repair a window treatment correctly. Royal Window Coverings Inc. can replace: broken blind slats, tassels, chains, louvers, valance clips, window treatment motors, etc. Please be aware there is over 100 different window treatment brands with over 500 parts. Therefore, knowing the brand and perhaps the order number can help us minimize the search.

Trip Charge

Mannual Repairs
$75/per project
  • additional costs for repair

Trip Charge

Motorization Repairs
$100/per project
  • additional costs for repair

Standard Process

4 - 5 Business Days
$0/Per Blind
  • additional costs for repair

Expedited Process

1 - 2 Business Days
$15/Per Blind
  • additional costs for repair

Home Repairs

Royal Window Coverings Inc. will gladly assist you with your window treatment repair. We will send a technician to your home at your convenience. Repairs are usually finished in one trip. However, on some occasions it requires two trips to fully finish the repair; therefore we ask for two weeks window to order any replacement parts